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Polar Property Services supports Landlords by offering to Credit and Reference Check Tenants to assess their suitability for a rented property. We also carry out a lifestyle check .

What is a Tenant Lifestyle check?  

We carry out a Lifestyle check on your Tenant(s) name, date of birth, National Insurance number against a register base of Tenants' names. If your Tenant is registered you will be put in touch with their past Landlords'. These Landlords' will tell you if they were good or bad Tenants, if they owed rent or had damaged their property. Equally they will tell you if they were good Tenants.

Why should I Credit Check & Reference my Tenant? 

Tenant referencing provides you with relevant information to make an informed decision on a prospective Tenant’s suitability. This is done by checking whether they have been bankrupt, have County Court Judgements CCJ, have not been able to pay their rent in the past, and check that they really are who they say they are. 

How much does the Credit Check cost?

The Credit Check is free to all Landlords.

What information does the Credit check provide?

The report contains a comprehensive insight into the credit history of the individual, highlighting key points you would want to be aware of, such as CCJs, Fraud and Bankruptcy before agreeing to let any of your properties.

The check will also confirm income and previous tenancy reports. The financial reports contain information such as earning verification, type of employment and whether an employment contract is coming to an end.

The previous tenancy report includes confirmation of the rent your applicant is paying at their present address, any arrears and a personal declaration as to whether or not their existing landlord would re-let to that tenant. The majority of Full References are completed within 48 hours.

How long does the Landlord Tenant Referencing and Credit Check take?

The majority of Full References are completed within 48 hours.

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a persons risk rating which is based on their financial history. If you have never had credit, failed to repay a loan, have CCJ or been bankrupt your credit score will be low.

What happens when my Tenant passes the Credit Check?

You will receive a summary of the report.

If required you will be offered a Rent Protection Policy. 

What is Rent Protection?

A Rent Protection policy offers a Rent Guarantee and pays out any rent losses you may incur should your Tenant or Guarantor fail to meet their commitments.

What happens when my Tenant fails the credit check?

You can request a Guarantor. The Guarantor has to pass the Credit and Reference checks.

What is a Guarantor?

The Guarantor guarantees to pay any losses you may incur during the tenancy due to the Tenant not paying their rent or any damage to the property.

Ideally the Guarantor is a person who is in paid employment and is a homeowner.  If they are a homeowner it is advised to have all the people who are listed as owning the property as named Guarantors. 

You may still proceed with a Guarantor who is self-employed or is employed but not a homeowner. 

What do I need to do to start a Landlord Tenant Referencing Service?

Select the 'Request Tenant Reference' link below

» Request Tenant Reference «

 We carry out Landlord Tenant Referencing, Credit Checks and Lifestyle Checks free for all Landlords.